MaeTech Operations Management Suite

Microsoft Operations Management Suite makes management in the Microsoft cloud possible. You manage all parts of your hybrid environment easily, no matter your business size. The Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a Management-as-a-Service (MaaS), which integrates seamlessly with your existing System Center environment. In addition to log analysis this solution provides IT automation, security functions and compliance and Availability OnDemand with services as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

OMS Features

Log Analysis

Microsoft Operations Management Suite includes an extensive module for log analysis. This way you collect, store and analyze log data effortlessly from Windows and Linux servers – regardless of size, file type or location. Thanks to intelligent filters you gain operational data of the environment in a single click. Both problems and possible solutions become clear very quickly. The built-in Gallery gives you access to useful tools, including capacity planning, alerting and Best Practices reports. And you can easily search current and historical data.

Save time with IT automation

You simply automate frequent, time-consuming management tasks by using the cloud. The IT automation module in Operations Management Suite is based on Powershell and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure. You make simple runbooks or use existing templates from the Gallery. By so-called runbookworkers you are not only automating tasks in the cloud, but also in your own data center.

Availability OnDemand: achieve profitable uptime

A second data center is unnecessary when you use Azure as disaster recovery site. This way you cut costs and reduce work. Azure Site Recovery supports both Hyper-V and VMware. You protect just as many virtual machines as needed – the cloud grows with you. You have the certainty of 99.9% uptime. And the solution has many advantages: you only pay for the security and for the machines you’re launching in Azure. Azure Backup also provides guaranteed back-up for files and machines. Thanks to the cloud, you store them as long as you want; tapes are not necessary.

Security and compliance

Securing servers, data and users can be a full-time job. So, patching, intrusion detection and anti-malware are all necessary to protect your company. With the powerful, integrated Operations Management Suite makes you complete these tasks centrally and with significantly less effort. Besides Hyper-V and Windows Server, this solution also supports Amazon (AWS) and VMware. In no time you measure up to compliance and regulations. The Gallery offers you ready-made solutions, like Best Practices reports and overviews in patch management.