MaeTech Operations Management Suite Solutions

Microsoft OMS offers you the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. Customers use OMS to search, monitor, analyze and visualize operational data. OMS is the starting point to understand your business readiness for Cloud and provides you a single pane from which to view Operational performance real time.

It can be used alone or to extend an existing System Center deployment.

Because of the extra efficiency and performance benefits it offers, OMS gives you lower operational costs. In other words, it enables you to do more with less.

We can help you deploy OMS to best advantage. Whether you need it as a stand-alone solution or to complement an existing System Center environment, it pays to talk to us first.

Whatever your infrastructure, it provides a single portal for all your IT Operational tasks, giving you:

  • Enhanced security, IT operations, service and performance capabilities
  • Real time incident monitoring, alerting and trend analysis
  • Easy integration, working with any platform
  • Automation of routine or tedious tasks
  • Backup and rapid disaster recovery
  • Better security and compliance