MaeTech Azure Solutions - Cloud Computing With a Peace of Mind

Call upon the flexibility of scalable, on-demand cloud compute while maintaining the security, control, and privacy of your data with a Pure Storage all-flash cloud. The combination of Pure Storage and Microsoft Azure provides a hybrid cloud solution for workloads requiring high-performance storage and cloud burst compute while meeting strict data security, governance, and compliance requirements.

Only Pay for What You Use

Avoid wasting time and money on infrastructure you'll rarely use.  With high-performance all-flash storage, you can meet seasonal or occasional burst requirements and provide on-demand infrastructure for developers. And it's all secured with a just-in-time  disaster recovery plan.

Pay for what you use - Azure

Secure your data - Azure

Enterprise-grade Data Governance

Make no compromise with your data security. Get cloud-scale computing resources while your data remains encrypted on your all-flash storage. The compute is handled by Azure and connected to Pure Storage via a high-bandwidth, low latency, secure Azure connection.