About Maetech

Empowering Business Through Process & Technology

Maetech is a full-service IT company providing outsourced IT services including managed services, business software solutions, and infrastructure solutions with a focus on a process oriented approach to address today's technology challenges. By utilizing industry best practices and our expertise in the discovery and auditing of existing processes, we provide a unique, comprehensive solutions which meet the demands of both business and technology.

IT consulting is the bridge that connects your business to information technology, to help you better meet business goals and objectives. Contact Maetech at 469-909-0623 to learn more about how our IT services can help benefit your Chicago business while saving your company’s bottom line.

Business Initiatives

  • The customer relationship remains one of the m​ost fundamental keys to success for your business. While customer relationship management software is the foundation for this success, many organizations struggle with effective implementation and planning of strategic CRM strategies.

    Multiple studies have shown that over the last decade anywhere​ from 20 percent to over two-thirds of all CRM software solutions have either failed to live up to expectations or ​failed outright. A Forrester survey found a failure rate of 47%.

    With multi-discipline expertise in the biggest names in CRM software solutions, Maetech provides you with the tools you need to implement and execute a successful customer relationship management strategy custom tailored to meet your business’s needs.

    • We work closely with your brand to gather intelligence about your environment and user base to help pinpoint the most effective CRM software solutions for your needs.
    • CRM success begins with a strategic roadmap. Our experienced CRM consultants will work to define clear objectives for your CRM strategy with desired outcomes and dependencies identified.
    • Don’t let your CRM software solutions fall victim to the statistics. Our consultants will help you avoid the typical failure rate of IT projects with our intensive project management consulting services..
    • Our work doesn’t end after implementation. Our experienced CRM training consultants will guide you through the best way to use your CRM software solutions to maximize its effe​ctiveness.
  • The real promise of saving money for solutions like Office 365 comes in the form of enhanced productivity. It’s all about helping people get more done, faster and with higher quality. Another way to think about saving time is by reducing or eliminating time wasters wherever possible. Sometimes reducing or streamlining repetitive tasks add up to significant time savings.

    The right technology can make or break your office productivity. The modern office runs on technology -- technology that must be maintained, upgraded, and analyzed to continue contributing to the business infrastructure. Is your technology working with you or against you?

    • On-premises, online services, or hybrid solutions that combine on-premises and cloud software
    • Our productivity solutions enable you to collaborate with colleagues and clients from anywhere, on any device.
    • Empower your team to meet online and revise documents across locations, using cloud-based Office 365 and Windows 10 Pro devices.
    • Quickly respond to change and keep critical business functions, like accounting, running smoothly, using an easily managed, cloud-based solution that includes Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.
  • IT risk management does not work "out of the box." It is not a product to purchase or a policy to put in place. Instead, it is a process of business risk management that must be performed on an ongoing basis. It is critical for an organization to continuously examine the risks and security objectives within its business environment, and systematically bake protection into the way it operates.

    Maetech's systematic, comprehensive approach to IT security and risk management is an overall model for business risk management that identifies security-related business processes that must be baked in, and provides guidance on security objectives, security posture, and security architecture alternatives.

    • Continuously evolving methodology specifically for IT security and risk management architecture and deployment strategy..
    • Extensive experience with existing and emerging best practices related to IT security design, risk management and program implementation.
    • IT Security Assessments that include strategies to govern the identification of and protection from threats and vulnerabilities through an effective organizational structure, a set of well-documented polices and processes, and a sound security architecture.
    • Solutions based consulting for identity management, mobile device and application management, data security, provisioning and remote support.
  • As IT executives shift their focus from cost reduction to preparing for growth, an effective IT Cost Optimization program is essential for ensuring strategic initiatives can be supported while funding remains constrained.

    Today, IT executives are responding to efficiency requirements driven from both normal business pressures and major events while maintaining an eye on future growth.

    Maetech has the tools and experience to help clients quickly identify opportunity areas for action in the short-term, while working with clients to determine the strategic IT moves needed to become agile and scalable to enable the business during recovery.

    • Assessment models, benchmarks, and proven methods to develop and maintain best practices.
    • Global reach and experience to support complex issues and environments.
    • Pragmatic, fact-based, data-driven approaches that drive measurable outcomes including: IT Strategy, Governance, Organization Design and IT Management Processes.
    • Business improvements and advices

The Maetech Difference

  • Assessing

    MaeTech uses framework driven discovery tools, interviews and observations to conduct a comprehensive business and technology audit.


    Our consultants analyze and measure the data gathered from the audit between current business processes and desired future state to provide a detailed gap analysis.


    MaeTech collaborates with the business units and technology teams to review measurements, metrics and gap analysis to define a comprehensive roadmap.


    Our consultants work hand in hand with your business and technology teams to train, guide and improve work processes and user adoption.

  • Strategic

    Technology and business strategy plans are our greatest strength. This is where MaeTech leverages its senior, highly technical, Business savvy managment consultants to help you lay the ground work for your initiatives.


    Once the foundational ground work, analysis, workflows, technical designs are in place, tactical execution becomes the key focus in helping the business move forward. This is where our senior consultants provide quick turnaround in technical and business process implementations.


    Enable businesses to do more with limited time and resources is an important factor to scaling and growing an enterprise. This is where MaeTech leverages its talented emerging leaders to step up to the plate and help you take repetitive operational duties on.

What our clients are saying

  • “We were very pleased with our MaeTech consultant’s work. They went above and beyond to successfully complete our project and cross train our staff.”

    RICHARD BALLARD, Head of Applications Support & Development

  • “MaeTech brings highly experienced, technical and business minded professionals to the table. We’re glad to be working with them on our initiatives.”

    PATRICK KINARD, Senior Manager of Enterprise Server Operations

  • “MaeTech delivered on everything that they promised. Our IT service levels and processes have improved significantly.”

    MARK ROSS, Director of IT Support